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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: good morning to you, it is a lovely day to wake up and get the day started with "fox and friends" first on wednesday. >> thanks for starting your day with us at 5:00 on the east coast, donald trump sparking a new firestorm taking on the alt left and defending his comments, his initial comments on the chaos in charlottesville. >> sparking backlash from both sides of the aisle. garrett tenney has the latest reaction from washington. >> reporter: donald trump doubling down on his initial comments following his initial science that many sides were to blame. in a wide-ranging conference it trump tower he specifically called out groups in the so-called all left. >> what about the alt left, they
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came charging, do they have any semblance of guilt. you had a group on one side that was bad and the group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that but i will say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very violent. >> the president defended his initial statement that some attending saturday's rally were only protesting the removal of confederate symbols. >> those people -- i have condemned neo-nazis, i have condemned many different groups but not all of those people were neo-nazis blues not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch. those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue of robert e lee. >> the president made his comments to a lot of criticism from both democrats and
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republicans including marco rubio who tweeted 6 but response including organizes of events and by the charlottesville terrorist attack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons. you can't allow white supremacists to share only part of the blame. they support an idea that caused the nation and the world so much pain. gwen moore is also calling for impeachment of donald trump saying in a statement my republican friends, i implore you to work with us to remove this man as our commander in chief and help us move forward from this dark period in our nation's history. the fourth democrat for calling impeachment. the latest round of comments from the president is sure to bring a new series of backlash today as well. heather: less focus on the agenda and more on controversy.
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>> happening today, the violent riots, remember her, will be laid to rest. >> the tensions over confederate monuments continues to escalate. north carolina college student facing felony charges for her role in viciously toppling down a statue. >> good morning, allison. >> reporter: have her hire grew up in this area, she lived and worked here as an adult and the city will begin to say their final goodbyes to her, heather's favorite color was purple. friends of heather say she was not part of an official group but she was protesting against white supremacists on saturday when a white supremacists allegedly rammed his car into her and dozens of other counter protesters. >> she stood up for what she believed in, she would make you
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laugh, she believed in equality and didn't want hate. >> reporter: 19 others were injured in the attack that took higher's life, three suing the city, the police and organizers of the white nationalist rally for $3 million. the terror attack prompted protests across the us. protesters in north carolina used a yellow ratchet strap to tear down a confederate statue, a 22-year-old college student is facing felony charges. >> i witnessed a blatant violation of the law. some might say we stood by and did nothing, no mistake, we stray connection. we will engage a hostile crowd, there might have been serious injuries. statues can be replaced, lives cannot. >> reporter: the governor of north carolina tweeted, quote, the racism and deadly violence
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in charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments. he is calling for the removal of confederate statues on public property in the state of north carolina and also calling on the state legislature to reverse a law in 2015 prohibiting the removal or relocation of those statues. >> i president's point he was trying to make in a steamy press conference was where does it stop and what do you consider these statues to be, i they statues of pride for these people are just the history of this country in a statue which is in the south? >> not just in the south, all across the country. how do you perceive or have a better future if you try to hide and not learn from the past. >> listen to what the president
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said yesterday. >> so this week it is robert e lee. i noticed on all jackson is coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week, if the thomas jefferson the week after? you have to ask yourself where does it stop. i would say that is up to a local town, community, or the federal government depending where it is located. >> the point you were just making, this was a correspondent for the federalist and he said something similar, listen to him. >> i think a lot of people on the right, conservatives on the right who are saying maybe we should move these statues to the museum miss the point. this is not about the confederacy. it is not about the civil war. it is about political power and a small group of people on the left trying to exert outside influence on american politics by following in the footsteps of
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mao, the armed thugs, the talent ban, these are tactics that are well-known. you start by tearing down statues and burning books and eventually go after people. rob: the anger is understandable, if you look at a statue of robert e lee and your african-american -- heather: someone from the other side, one of the people, protesters using the flamethrower. there was violence on both sides. >> there is a lot of anger here and this is a very touchy subject. it comes from a terrible place, enslaving human beings is not something you want to commemorate with statues and i understand that but it is more about what do these statues mean? this is part of our history, you are not going to run away from
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it and it is not going to change. let's move on. the trump administration fulfilling another campaign promise, the president signing an executive order to improve the nation's crumbling infrastructure starting with simplifying the permit process. >> it takes 25 years just to get approval to start construction of a fairly routine highway blues not only does this cost billions of dollars but also denies citizens the safe and modern infrastructure they deserve. >> this is what the press conference was supposed to be about. business groups are praising streamlining of regulations, a riskier project and a climate catastrophe. >> that is a goal from a lot of politicians to avoid talking
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about the agenda. republican senate special election heading to a runoff as expected. roy moore earning 41% of the vote, 50% needed for an outright victory, he will face lisa strange in a runoff vote that happens next month, strange finished second despite an endorsement from donald trump and mitch mcconnell. the election vacated by jeff sessions is in december. and use the john curtis winning the republican nomination in a congressional primary, consider the favorite over yellen to fill jason shaver to vacated seat. the bathroom bill, and ending the special session without voting on it. it is the second time the bill
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died in the legislature. >> after kim jung un appeared to back down on nuclear threats the united states as it is open to negotiation over north korea's missile program. >> we are interested in finding dialogue, that is up to him. >> this comes as the state department released a report claiming north korea has been keeping thousands of political prisoners in camps over their religious views. they were tortured and executed for worshiping anyone other than the north korean government. terrorists in afghanistan demanding all us forces get out of their country. the talent ban saying, quote, as a responsible american president you need to study the mistakes of your predecessors and prevent death and injury to american forces in the country, this comes as the president is considering privatizing us war efforts after 16 long years of
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conflict in afghanistan. heather: rudy giuliani is recovering after being rushed to the hospital, undergoing emergency surgery on his leg. he was on vacation in long island, his wife saying he is working from his hospital bed with the computer. the mayor appears to be released in a few days. rob: severe storms sweeping through nebraska, tennis ball sized hail. more like snow on the ground clogging the highways in nebraska. heather: hurricane gert creating large swells. >> we have the threat for strong storms across the central us and tracking hurricane gert.
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if you are a surfer you can take advantage of the wave on the east coast, rip currents are going to be dangerous so stay out of the water. you see those thunderstorms again across portions of the central us towards the upper midwest, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes a possibility and that tornado threat through this evening from kansas city to minneapolis, there is the rest of the forecast, we will talk about gert and what is behind gert as we enter the busy hurricane center, be prepared if you are along the east coast or the gulf coast. heather: harvey possibly. >> alternating between female and male names. you will miss gert. 12 minutes after the top of the hour has nowhere to hide.
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jeff sessions praising sanctuary city reversal as dozens of gang members are rounded up. rob: millions of your tax dollars being used to clean up quite a disgusting mess. heather: major political endorsement that kid rock just scored. ♪ cowboy by being ♪ cowboy baby ♪ gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ a penny it's ourr back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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heather: hard-working taxpayers are footing the bill to clean up the mess made by the north dakota pipeline protesters. the federal government is giving $10 million to the state to cover the $38 million cleanup costs left by the months long protests. the controversial pipeline
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became operational in june after donald trump's executive order completed its construction. obamacare premiums are in danger of going even higher if donald trump stops key payments to ensure it. the congressional budget office says insurance companies and federal exchange would raise prices 20% by next year. the report is called flawed as the president threatens to cut off federal funds, a bailout for the imploding obamacare. rob: a drug company accused of playing into the opioid prices with deceptive marketing. south carolina, the state, suing purdue pharma, encouraged overprescribing the drug and didn't do enough for dangers, very serious charge, the company denies, 3000 people in south carolina have died from
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prescription opioid overdose. that is really something. donald trump speaking out as another business leader resigns from his american manufacturing jobs counsel. now, with the president's response. >> the president of the alliance for american manufacturing resigns tuesday from the manufacturing counsel, one of 5 business leaders to step down following the president's response to charlottesville, i am resigning from the manufacturing jobs initiative because it is the right thing to do. that came moments after donald trump sent a tweet of his own warning ceos on several advisory panels they could be easily replaced for expressing their political views. there are many to take their
2:19 am
place. he reiterated his stance during a press conference yesterday afternoon. >> some of the folks that will leave are leaving out of embarrassment. i want manufacturing, american workers can benefit. >> where the president again said both sides were to blame for saturday's violence, the president of the afl-cio announced the advisory council as well. they joined kenneth granger, the ceo of under armor, the ceo of intel who all resigned from the president's council on monday. the question is will anymore leaders follow them? heather: 19 minutes after the top of the hour, rumors swirling about steve bannon's future in the white house. >> i like mister bannon, he is a
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friend of mine. we will see what happens. heather: the growing calls to oust the chief strategist. rob: controversial fantasy football segment, the network being forced to apologize. rob: a bombshell report accusing obama of knowing about russia's plans to interfere in the election. ♪ ♪ i know now ♪ ♪one day maybe next week, ♪i'm gonna meet ya' ♪i'm gonna meet ya', i'll meet ya'♪ trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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rob: a new report alleges the obama administration was warned about russia's plans for election interference as far back as 2014 and donald trump was quick to comment tweeting in part he didn't want to anger russia, talking about president
2:24 am
obama. does this have an impact on alleged collusion for the 2016 election. democratic strategist and professor at johns hopkins university and the chairman of gopac. thanks for coming on this morning. let me read this quote, you have no idea how expensive these networks are, russia has penetrated media organizations, political parties, government and military, that came in 2014 is a warning. >> we have been hearing russians say this since the 1960s, khrushchev used to brag about being involved in us elections and trying to influence them. what this report underscores is no evidence presented to the public that there was collusion among the trump campaign or the
2:25 am
russians did anything to impact the election and quite frankly it raises questions about if the obama administration knew something, why were they not taking decisive action? rob: over to you for a second, obviously if you are looking at a case for collusion and you see the russians have been working on this for a while, screwing with other democracies, 2014 was before donald trump announced he was running for president, beating 16 other guys, how do you make a case for collusion if you see this as far back as 2014. >> we have been hearing rumblings of trying to interfere
2:26 am
in western democracies, these rumblings for a while. the obama administration did impose sanctions as well as increased support for nato and on october 7, 2016, they believe the kremlin is trying to interfere with our democracy but that statement was overshadowed by the hollywood bombshell where we -- and how to address this. the case for collusion when it comes to the trump administration is not close. we still have to see if there is any there there. >> until official, obama intel official, it was a pretty frank statement. when you couple that with the
2:27 am
medvedev comment, more flexibility after the election, you had those against the president right now people would be going nuts for a collusion case or a deal where the russians and the president of the united states are in bed with each other. >> no question we need to stay tough on russia. whether that is this election or keep in mind it was just last year vladimir putin claimed they could take out the us navy communication system. we have a lot of areas where america has to be concerned about what russia is trying to do to impact this country and the lives of americans on a daily basis. that is why our defenses need to be strong, looking at cybersecurity and russia has to be at the top of the foreign policy agenda. rob: our relationship with russia is not that good. i do appreciate it.
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heather: the time is half past the top of the hour and celebrations across the country as confederate memorials are being torn down. where is the outrage over this disgusting display of vandalism on the lincoln memorial? and some outrage boiling over in the nfl? wait until you hear the message the seattle seahawks coach has for his team. ♪ i am still standing ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ usaa to me means
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♪ rob: northbound sixth avenue in midtown manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: beginning later in the
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season, not as bright early on. donald trump tripling down on his initial comments on the violence in charlottesville saying he needed to know the facts before calling any specific groups out. this has mourners prepare to say goodbye to the victim of the car attack. rob: allison barber live in charlottesville. heather: bipartisan backlash against the president. >> reporter: donald trump received a lot of criticism for not calling out the kkk and not the groups an initial response on saturday but in an impromptu press conference at trump tower the president defended his decision to wait two days before
2:33 am
naming hate groups. >> when i make a statement i like to be correct but i want the facts. this event just happened. a lot of the events didn't even happen yet as we were speaking, this event just happened. before i make a statement i need the facts. i don't want to rush into a statement. making the statement when i made it was extra. >> the president didn't back down on his initial remarks the, quote, many sides were to blame for the violence and the all left blares the responsibility for what happened. >> what about the alt left the came charging at the altar right, do they have any semblance of guilt? i'm not putting anybody on the moral plate. you had a group on one side and you had a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. >> the president made his comments, bringing criticism for democrats and republicans including house speaker paul ryan, who said we must be clear, white supremacy is repulsive, bigotry is counter to all this
2:34 am
country stands for, there can be no moral ambiguity. democratic senator chris murphy just read the remarks, i nearly threw up. an american president offering defense of white supremacists, my god. the white house is not backing down, the president's response blaming both sides is entirely correct. heather: that brings us, fox contributor newt gingrich defending donald trump for calling out both groups of protesters. rob: saying sides don't matter when it comes to the law. >> we should condemn neo-nazis, they are an anti-christian totalitarian anti-semitic movement, we should be very tough on them, we should condemn racism but we should condemn racism on both sides. you have a strong case that people who have been out there advocating shooting cops, those weren't right-wingers. let's be clear, there's more
2:35 am
than enough blame on both the right and the left to say we are tired of all of you, cut it out or we will put you in jail. heather: dallas, claimed to be a black nationalist and member of black lives matter and the shot and killed 5 dallas police officers, both sides need to stop. rob: the woman killed during the violent riots that charlottesville will be laid to rest today. >> tensions over confederate monuments escalate. >> good morning, heather grew up in this area 30 minutes away from charlottesville as an adult, she lived and worked here, just a few hours the city and the world will begin to say their final goodbyes at the theater, her family asked people to wear purple because they say that was heather's favorite color. heather hire was part of a group
2:36 am
of counter protesters saturday, her friend say she wasn't part of any particular official group, she was just a concerned citizen who wanted to make her voice heard. she was allegedly run over by james fields junior, a white supremacist after police say he ran his car into higher and dozens of other protesters. >> she spoke with conviction, stood up for what she believed in. she liked to make you laugh, a warm soul who believed any quality. she didn't want hate. reaches 19 others were injured in the attack that took her life. suing the city, police and organizers of the white supremacist rally that took place here saturday for $3 million, the terror attack proms and protests across the united states, protesters used ratchet straps to tear down a confederate statue. a 22-year-old college student
2:37 am
facing felony charges for allegedly participating in tearing it down. >> we witnessed a blatant violation of the law. some stood by and did nothing, don't mistake restraint for in action. ordered by deputies to engage a hostile crowd, there would have been serious injuries. statues can be replaced, lives cannot. >> reporter: the governor of north carolina tweeted the racism and deadly violence in charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments. he is calling for removal of confederate statues on public property across the state of north carolina asking the state legislature to revise the 2015 law they passed prohibiting removal or relocation of those statues. in baltimore officials began moving confederate statues they have on public property in the
2:38 am
city. heather: after more than 100 years, the civil war era memorial is coming down, the maple tree planted by confederate general robert e lee outside a new york church. they are making this decision following the deadly riots in charlottesville saying they don't want any memorial linked to slavery. communities can vote to remove these statues but tearing them down opens the door to something dangerous. >> i understand there is newfound outrage and level of events reached this fever pitch about these statues. people have driven by these statues for decades and never thought twice about them but they have become a political symbol. if it is a symbol that represents the racist past and any vestige of a racist past in
2:39 am
the south, they will be able to say that has to go too. they will take it to certain books they are offensive or certain speakers on college campuses who are offensive. we have to ask what next? how are we going to heal as a which is evil and come together? rob: congressman luis gutierrez arrested while defending obama era immigration policies. he and 25 others were handcuffed while protesting on behalf of illegal immigrants. he was released after paying a $50 fine. >> steve bannon's job in the white house is up in the air, speculation growing for donald trump's chief strategist is out?
2:40 am
>> mister bannon is a friend of mine. he is a good man, he is not a racist, he is a good person, he gets a very unfair -- we will see what happens with mister bannon. >> donald trump arrives on monday and plans to leave washington tonight. >> we have a lot of rain in new york but -- >> no rain this morning. you will be okay today, that is all i can give you. let's look at hurricane gert. the storm is offshore. we see large waves and rip currents are going to be high on the northeast coast. if you are not a seasoned swimmer areas of concern, there is gert. then an area of low pressure rolling off the coast of africa
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and more moving towards the caribbean, watching these carefully as we get into the next couple weeks. atlantic season, 7 named storms, two hurricanes already and three waves off the coast of africa. the next named storm will be harvey. rob: breaking the law and illegal immigrants may soon be able to practice the law. the brand-new push from the american bar association. rob: michael moore busting his broadway audience protesting the president. carly shimkus live with the online outrage that is stirring up. ♪ a long long time ♪ ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ before iends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo
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rob: michael moore leading the charge to protest the president, an entire audience at his broadway show to trump tower. we 20 he had a few other celebrities with him. carly shimkus is here with the hollywood hissy fit. >> reporter: i like the way that sounds. if you were in the audience of michael moore's broadway show, you want the opportunity to go on a little field trip because after the curtain closed michael moore took members of his audience to trump tower to protest but he wasn't the only celebrity. actor mark ruffalo was in attendance. look at this video, he posted to an instagram account. >> at trump tower -- an american killed on american soil by a
2:46 am
nazi is not acceptable. heather: the second night in a row protests were held outside trump tower, people last night angry the president doubled down blaming both sides for the charlottesville riot. other celebrities were also there, it was a star-studded affair and some trump supporters are accusing hollywood protesters of being out of touch like donna who says i give up hollywood, their too nuts. another tweet on the same lines as matthew says nothing like a bunch of out of touch celebrities to remind us why we voted for trump and tie on twitter says what are they protesting? the president for the third time in three days condemned the charlottesville violence and blamed all parties involved. other people saying the president is wrong, only one side, the white supremacist side is to blame. rob: the lincoln memorial defaced. >> nations monuments are getting -- this should not have happened, authorities are
2:47 am
looking for the person who defaced the lincoln memorial with red spray paint writing an expletive and the word law. find them all and lock them up, he is sick of it. gritty eights morals and respect have no color, no side, is this who i want to be, praying for the ignorant, sad and a place so sacred to our values should never be dishonored. a lot of people are condemning this act and hopefully the authorities find whoever is involved. >> you would think there would be somebody. >> some cameras or something. helen mirren on the cover of the september issue of allure magazine but something you won't find is the term anti-aging
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because the magazine band the term. is this affecting you? sierra says i love the cover in the message so much. you can antiaging your attitude but your body has control over the aging process. enjoy your life. they are trying to celebrate women of all ages by banning the term antiaging. i will take some antiaging cream. heather: more political correctness to deal with. let's check with what is coming up on "fox and friends," you don't need any antiaging cream. >> coming up on "fox and friends" in a dozen minutes, newt gingrich will stop by to talk about the controversy around the president's comments regarding charlottesville and
2:49 am
rob o'neill who killed usama bin laden, the chairman of the rnc and the mayor of miami-dade, carlos jimenez, a busy 3 hours kicks off on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first returns in two minutes. real cheese people get it. that post lunch, post dinner, i need something sweet craving. sargento sweet balanced breaks, natural cheese on one side, and sweetness on the other. sargento sweet balanced breaks, find it in our cheese section. ...with pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner.s... a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful.
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rob: jeff sessions headed to florida to recognize miami-dade, the first jurisdiction to drop sanctuary city status. rob: this on the heels of the major gang to bust with members accused of having ties to the violent ms 13 gang. >> reporter: early morning raids of several neighborhood in ohio and indiana, first steps in dismantling columbus click, federal raids arresting 13
2:53 am
people but two others got away. officials say the gang has been shaking down latino businesses and neighbors for 7 years now. >> this group used fear and violence to extort local residents out of their hard earned money. >> coming forward and giving law enforcement information that we ensure this game is dismantled. >> reporter: most of them are illegal immigrants, this as jeff sessions is praising miami-dade county's mayor carlos jimenez for complying with one aspect of the government immigration enforcement detaining local inmates stopped for deportation which allows the city to receive $500,000 in law enforcement aid. sessions will contrast their approach to sanctuary policies with other cities that are defying the trump administration demand the local authorities work with federal immigration agents, sessions is expected to speak at 3:00 eastern standard
2:54 am
time. >> they are in the country illegally but the american bar association demanding congress allow illegal immigrants to practice law across the country. this would permit an undocumented alien or undocumented illegal immigrant seeking legal status to obtain a professional license. california, florida and new york. rob: espn apologizing after airing a controversial fantasy football segment. >> antonio brown. rob: it showed black athletes being auctioned to a group of mostly white bidders. many outraged by this comparing it to the selling of slaves. espn say they understand how it would seem and apologized. heather: one of his players sitting down there the national anthem but seahawks coach pete carroll is standing up for his
2:55 am
country. rob: he supports michael bennett's right to protest but the end is not the time for it. >> i support his concerns and issues. i love our country and we should stand for the opportunities. >> the defensive end for the seahawks. time is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. a little far from the swamp, this 3 foot alligator was found. >> the man who took a real-life shot to the heart and lived to tell about it. ♪ office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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. . . rob rob first the good. kid rock still has not confirmed his michigan senate run but he has already got a major endorsement from governor pataki. saying he is the kind of candidate the g.o.p. needs right now. >> heather: a man lucky to be alive after shooting a nail gun through his heart through a construction project. >> it didn't really hurt it felt like it kind of stung me and i looked down and i didn't see anything and i put my hand there. and that's not good. >> heather: no, not good. doctors say he just missed hitting a major artery. rob rob good god. finally the ugly. little baby taking a dip in a pool in atlantic city
3:00 am
motel. luckily nobody jumped in with him. police say the gator was taken to a nearby zoo. kind of cute. >> heather: do you think he is cute? you could have taken him home. "fox & friends" starts now. rob: see you later. >> this week it's robert e. lee. i wonder is it george washington next week and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you real delay have to ask yourself where does it stop? >> a lot of people have driven by these statues for decades and never thought twice about them and now they have become a political symbol. >> few small people on the left following the footsteps of the taliban. you start by tearing down statues and burning books and then eventually you go after the people. >> former district judge roy moore will face current senator luther strange. >> i signed a new executive order to sign the nation's badly broken permitting process. this is what it takes to get something approved today. this is


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